Our Services

For centuries, our focus has been on giving families everything they want. We do this by paying close attention to detail and by holding one service at a time. At Altmeyer-Bucktrout, we want you to know you are our first priority.

Often times, families have a close bond with their home church. Our staff is closely connected to all of the local churches; allow us to facilitate making arrangements.

We serve all religions and cultures and are well versed in all practices and traditions.

Why Choose Us?

Casket Personlization<br>We offer families the opportunity<br> to create their own personalized caskets.


Our goal is to tell the story of a life while keeping costs affordable. We offer more personalization options than other funeral homes in the area.



We are proud to provide families with Mercedes Sprinter limousines, Ford Taurus lead vehicles, and Cadillac hearses.



At Bucktrout of Williamsburg, we value the sacrifice our veterans made to preserve our freedom.

Closeup shot of a couple holding hands in comfort


Our staff can recommend programs, counselors and therapists in our area who specialize in coping with grief.


Death Away From Home

No matter the distance, we promise to safely transport your loved one home.