Robert Michael Norman

April 14, 1952 - August 7, 2013
Robert Michael Norman

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Robert Michael “Mike” Norman, Capt., U.S. Navy (Ret.), 61, passed away peacefully Wednesday, August 7, 2013, surrounded by his family at his home in Williamsburg, Virginia. Born April 14, 1952, in Jacksonville, Florida, he was the son and only child of Lenora Diane Norman and Robert Dean Norman, Capt., U.S. Navy (Ret.), both parents preceded him in death. He is survived by his loving wife, Carolyn Elizabeth Whitehurst-Norman of Williamsburg, VA.; devoted daughter, Alicia Cristin (Norman) Ebersole and her husband, John Royal Ebersole of Chesapeake, VA.; son, Eric Michael Norman and his wife Amanda Lee Norman of Cocoa, FL; grandson, Levi Richard Norman of Cocoa, FL; two step grandchildren, Logan and Calysta Lawhorn of Cocoa, FL; aunt, Anita Louise Bessent of Jacksonville, FL; and “a brother of another mother” and fellow musician, Guy Burlage of Woodstock, Vermont.

In 1969, after graduation from T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, VA., Mike was appointed to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1973, he was commissioned into the U.S. Navy as a Fighter Pilot flying the F14, then as Wing Commander of the 84th Fighter Squadron. In 1979, after graduating from the highly selective U.S. Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, Maryland, he flew and tested fixed-winged, rotary-wing, and tilt-rotor aircraft. In 1980, Mike was selected as a NASA Group 9 Astronaut Candidate. In 1985, with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California he began working as a Research Scientist with The Boeing Company where he was employed until the time of his death.

When people asked Mike, “What do you do?” he always replied, ìI’m a singer and song writer.” Mike was gifted in many things but his passion was music and he often performed at local establishments in the Williamsburg, VA. area. Mike was brilliant, humble and compassionate and is dearly missed by the many who were fortunate enough to know him.

A memorial will be held in October at Kings Mill, Williamsburg, VA. Burial at Arlington National Cemetery at a future date to be determined.

The family thanks M.D. Anderson Medical Center, Bayada Home Health and Heartland Hospice for their outstanding care.


Saturday, October 26, 2013
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Kings Mill at the James River Ballroom - Directions


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  • September 25, 2013
    Cat says:
    I will always cherish all the moments that will be forever tattoed on my heart ...sharing a few sunrises together ...sitting on the beach in Flager just two old friends listening to the waves crash on the beach sharing a beer no words needed..or singing Keri Noble's (piece of my heart.) a few picnics which he made the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches..His specialty...He always told me they were world famous...Going out to dinner with his Mom I dont think I have ever laughed so hard at them both...I will miss our silly inside jokes ..he made a card for me once a picture of a fly on it...for years after that card we'd call each other Martha and say the dirty little phrase that went along with it....He'd still laugh at that silly phrase 10 years down the road....walking Sierra...or Sierra climbing into my lap thinking she was a 10 pound lap dog....she'd lay across me and would not budge..He say he had never seen her act like that before ( which I always doubted)..He try to correct her and Id say leave her alone shes fine I love her she is adorable...he'd say are you sure your up for about 75 pounds of adorable ?..afterwards Id look like a chia pet and Mike would laugh so hard at that....I recall him agonizing about Sierra in her final days...that was not just a dog she was so very much more..She was family...and when she passed he lost a piece of his heart.... The best story and the one that made him always laugh the hardest was my practical joke gone wrong at Kings Mill...It happened after he had a break up he was a bit blue and I wanted to cheer him up .....and he loved to bring it up just to watch me blush...On a whim I drove to Kings Mill.....My practical joke that went horribly wrong...I made a picnic basket with gifts for him and Sierra...inside the card attached was a note to meet me later for a picnic after his session was over... inside the card something very personal I signed the card your biggest fan I gave the picnic basket to the hostess and a 20.00 to deliver it to the was I to know there were two guitarist that night at Kings Mill?...I peeked around the corner...and it wasnt Mike...I pulled the hostest aside I said you gave it to the wrong Mike!....go get it back! I paid her a 50. to go get it this other guy opened the card on stage and revealed the personal item as he scanned the crowd for his biggest fan...his eyes bugging out of his head....and he said outloud on stage "well okay where is my biggest fan?".I have never been so embarrassed in my life...Mike laughed until he cried and he was laughing a week later when the other guy spoke to him about (that crazy blonde girl) and what had happened...He always tell me I should leave the practical jokes up to the master which was him. Mike was the voice of reason during some of the darkest days of my life...and when I had to go through surgery and chemo again he always call or send a text or a small hello...I still have the statue from Mount St Helens..the cards and so many memories and keepsakes over the years...the C.D's of his music..Hearing his voice on them is ever so bittersweet....He had been searching for his special someone for so long....Id always say to him ..Martha she will come along she is out there I just know she is ...maybe she is just a bit dirrectionally challenge...he'd get this little boy twinkle in his eye a evil grin and just laugh and tell me they have G.P.S systems now Catbird... Im so so very happy she found him and he found her.

  • June 07, 2022
    The Staff of Bucktrout Funeral Home posted an image:
    Robert Michael Norman
    Robert Michael Norman

  • September 21, 2013
    Kevin O'Rourke says:
    Thanks for your service to our country Mike! Your family must be very proud.....especially your Dad! RIP

  • September 23, 2013
    Soar with the eagles Mike... Oh to catch the wings of flight and soar where Eagles go. To leave the woes of troubled souls behind me far below. I'd listen to the songs of birds and sail in endless flight. Chase the sun in cloudy skies and play with stars at night. Knowing I had found the way to trails where angels trod, When my wings could fly no more ~ I'd take the hand of GOD. ♥

  • September 24, 2013
    Cat says:
    No words can give comfort to the many friends, and family you left behind.I'm so happy you found your special someone; after so many years of searching...In my child like mind I'd like to think now you are in the family business with your Mom and Dad being a watchful guardian angel over Ali,Eric, and your Bride of your spare time enjoying picking with great ledgends like S.R.V,,Jimmi,JerryG,SteveC... The moon was high in a autuman sky. The light cast down and you came outside and the night filled the dark with a thousand stars proving nothing was better than where we are. In the pull of the moon and the weight of the stars you anchor me with all that you are, like the stemming of the tide the moons attraction to the sea you are you are all of these things. A tea kettle whistles deep within a home. As a radio sings a song its sung coutless times before And I step outside with a searching heart to save up wishes as we look above. So the sky dismissed the stars and the night became unseen the sun woke from its slumber and the moon packed up its things; saying The only way to Love is to know it might be lost So take hold lightly let go lightly whatever the cost.14-15 years of friendship went by in the blink of an eye my friend. I bet I know from which constellation you will be smiling down from with that devilish boyish grin. Cura Ut Valeas