At Bucktrout of Williamsburg, there are many options available with cremation. With other cremation providers, cremation means limited options. Not with us. Arrange a memorial service before or after the cremation with or without the body present. This is your chance to honor and say farewell to your loved one.

Families appreciate our quality service and professionalism. Bucktrout of Williamsburg operates the first funeral home on-site crematory in Virginia.

Contact us to learn more about our services and tour our facilities.

Considering Cremation?


Cremation Arrangements

We own our own onsite crematory at Bucktrout of Williamsburg, where  your loved one is well cared for.


Cremation Services

Count on us to produce a meaningful tribute that brings peace to family and friends


Final Resting Place

Bucktrout of Williamsburg offers a variety of dignified Columbarium niches and mausoleums, decorative urns and keepsake jewelry.


Cremation Selections

Our staff can inform you of the various cremation selections within your needs and budget.